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To broaden how artistic practice is perceived, Carrie Ida has utilized interdisciplinary approaches. For her art practice, she defines interdisciplinary practice as borrowing methods from other academic disciplines to aid in the development of projects and texts. She implements her interdisciplinary practice to engage and create significant experiences with contemporary ideas through collaborations and her individual projects. A diverse range of perspectives as well as current social and cultural aspects are acknowledge by crossing boundaries of academic research and concepts related to the everyday.

Carrie Ida's Bio

Carrie Ida’s projects with interdisciplinary practice investigate cross-discipline approaches and new media. A few of the disciplines she has borrowed from are material culture, curatorial methods, and the social sciences. Carrie Ida draws from several digital sources such as video, web presentation and social media sites. She has published and given research-related presentations with professional art and anthropological organizations. She was a 2015 opinion columnist for Anthropology News with her column entitled Crossing Disciplines: Art and Anthropology. In December 2018, she published her monograph, An Artist Crossing Disciplines, to contribute to the artist's role with the production of knowledge beyond a standard visual means to interdisciplinary practice. The New Media Caucus (NMC) publishing platforms Media-N Journal and the HUB blog are other sources for her contemporary art writings. She is currently the Managing Editor for the Media-N Journal and an active NMC board member.

As a participatory element, her public raffle concept was included in the Spring 2016 On the Line program. On the Line is part of the University of California, Riverside and the Community of Riverside programming that includes art, performance, and research to explore how laundry lines are regarded in the State of California's ecology. Her Collection Project was included in OUT OF CONTEXT an online exhibition curated by Heit & Haikes with a limited engagement for Philly Tech Week 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most recently, 10 Yrs. Later, her sound art piece was included in Digital America's online exhibition that is part of Sound Arts Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. This current project entitled, Sight, Sound, Suburbia is derived from her suburban fieldwork of audio recordings, a suburban sound collection, and digital imagery that will culminate in an upcoming film concerning a neighborhood that has not rebounded from the 2008 American recession.

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Sight, Sound, Suburbia

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Public Raffle for On The Line

A Participatory Element

Collection Project

Collection Project

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An Artist Crossing Disciplines


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